We are a Deep Learning School


is defined as the process of acquiring the Six Global competencies. These competencies describe the skills and attributes needed for learners to flourish as citizens of the world and encompass compassion, empathy, socio-economic learning, entrepreneurialism, and related skills for functioning in a complex universe.

Data indicates that individuals will have up to 15 different jobs once they finish their schooling. Our curriculum integrates Deep Learning throughout student learning opportunities and allows students to confidently adapt to life’s challenges.

Deep learning is not just about teaching what is relevant or building skills to prepare for a changing world, it is about reminding the students of their relevance in the world and how they can make a
difference. By creating a culture of inquiry, students see themselves as partners in the learning design.

Moreover, Deep Learning provides connection between our academic opportunities and pastoral
components at 澳门彩天天开奖结果记录. Students are supported to develop as a whole person and we provide opportunities for them to develop critical and creative thinking skills, empathy for others and to engage in the world around them.

The Deep Learning competencies (6C鈥檚) are at the core of what is critical for learner鈥檚 today and what it means to be a Deep Learner. We want our students to be our upcoming change makers, build their skills and be proficient in the areas of Citizenship, Collaboration, Character, Communication, Creativity and Critical thinking.

Deep Learning in the Primary School

Deep Learning Competencies for the Primary School

Deep Learning in the Secondary School

Connect @ 澳门彩天天开奖结果记录 鈥 our Big Ideas Project

In November last year our Secondary students in Years 7-10 stepped away from their usual schedule to work on a Big Idea’s project, focussed on Citizenship and Collaboration. This dedicated week presented an opportunity for students to participate in a rich learning experience, to step out of our traditional timetable and embrace a week of Big Idea Projects through 鈥楥onnect @ 澳门彩天天开奖结果记录鈥 week.

Students worked in groups to develop聽a project that addresses a need identified by their group associated with Community, Peers and School.聽The ultimate goal of the week was to generate conversations, relationships and critical and creative thinking, while embracing individual and societal wellbeing and global issues.

The Connect @ 澳门彩天天开奖结果记录 week was student driven with the support of teaching staff. Students worked tirelessly on their projects – we have seen significant growth in our students and rich conversations have resulted. Our students should be proud of how they have developed their skills as citizens who are willing to address global issues and work with compassion and empathy through their project work.

One fantastic example of these projects was initiated by Year 7 students (now in Year 8), Tia Ferris, Madeline Davy, Jack Sander and Fergus McGillivray. The students attended to deliver sandwiches, fresh fruit, bottled water and canned food. This went to people in need in the local Echuca Moama community. The students arranged this event entirely themselves during Connect @ 澳门彩天天开奖结果记录S week. Thank you to the local businesses that donated fresh produce for this excellent cause: , McGillivray Butchers Gunbower and Forever Fresh Echuca.

Some of the other innovative projects that students initiated during the Connect @ 澳门彩天天开奖结果记录 week include:

  • Canteen and food inclusion project: recipes catering for dietary requirements identified and provided to the school canteen to ensure this food is accessible by all students. These recipes have been utilised by the school canteen.
  • A sheep show conducted for the Junior School students, demonstrating the benefits for students of working with the animals.
  • A restoration project idea for bike tracks in the local community
    Idea for starting a School co-op shop
  • A school student-centric podcast
  • Year level newsletters; the first 聽issue of which has been submitted by students
  • Christmas cards distributed and Christmas carols performed at Cob Haven, in addition to socially connecting with the residents.