The school acknowledges the importance of wellbeing to the learning process and is committed to fostering wellbeing within the school community.

Our Pastoral Care programs addresses age-appropriate social-emotional learnings and competencies designed to enhance wellbeing across the school and to reinforce public health messages. Topics such as: relationships; managing conflict; assertiveness skills; resilience; healthy lifestyle; managing stress; mental health; drugs and alcohol; sexuality; driver education; bullying; cyber safety and citizenship and protective behaviours are all taught as part of the Pastoral Care curriculum.

Additionally, the school provides Wellbeing Services to support the educational needs, learning, development, welfare and wellbeing of students at the School.

In collaboration with the Heads of School and Year Level Coordinators, and the Individual Education Program Coordinator and teachers, School Counsellors are part of a team of staff dedicated to supporting the well being of students and their families. Short-term individual counselling is available to students. Counsellors can also assist families to access external agency support.