Attendance and Leave

The Student Attendance Policy is available here.

Extended Leave听(for 3 or more consecutive school days)
Families are requested to holiday or travel during school holiday time only. If you have a request for an unavoidable absence and/or family holiday (3 -10 consecutive School days), please complete the eForm available or on the Parent Portal, preferably at least 2 weeks prior to the date of intended absence.
For leave of 10+ days, you will need to make arrangements to meet with the Head of Primary School (K-6) or the Head of Secondary School (7-12).

Late Arrivals
Students who arrive late are required to report to either the Primary or Secondary School Office to sign in using the Student Late Arrival Register. Unexplained or regular lateness will result in disciplinary action.

(for 1-2 days)
There are legal requirements for the School staff to be aware of the location of students each day. 听 Parents are requested to advise of any absences prior to 9.00am on the day of absence by phoning the School, emailing, or completing an Absence Notification (Primary) or Absence Notification (Secondary) available on the Parent Portal.
The School will contact parents concerning the absence of a student for whom no explanation or advice is received. This will be done by sending an SMS to the parent/guardian to which a response by return telephone call is required to confirm such absence.
Absence from co-curricular activities: Should a student be unable to attend an activity, training or practice, they are to obtain leave from the teacher concerned, giving as much notice as possible.
Absence not owing to sickness: Should a parent require a student to keep a special appointment that would interfere with school work or co-curricular activities, a written request is required. Please note, this does not warrant the assumption that permission will be granted.
Absence owing to sickness: If not already provided, written notification (absence note is acceptable) upon your child鈥檚 return to School together with any relevant medical certificates is required.