Our History

澳门彩天天开奖结果记录 has grown into a vibrant and successful School. It all began with a vision of the Murray Shire Council to have a secondary school in Moama. In May 2004 a community group of approximately one hundred people convened at the St James Anglican Church and supported the new initiative. From this initial meeting a steering committee was established.

The steering committee sought advice and expertise, adopted a constitution, registered a company and created a Board of Management who advised the Federal Government of their intention to commence a school by Term 1 2005. The new Board obtained a banker, overdraft guarantors and acquired two private loans to allow purchase of computers and a suitable building.

With the appointment of the Foundation Principal, Mr Andrew Pullar, all of the other preparations required to establish a new school followed: a prospectus, fees, uniform, curriculum and with various reports on our progress in the local media. Teaching staff were employed and Murray Shire offered the use of the Community Hall in Martin Street Moama and additional portable classrooms were ordered. They arrived in late November and amazingly, all was in readiness for the first sixteen students who commenced Year 7 classes in 2005.

Student numbers increased rapidly from 16 to over 90 in 2006 ranging from Year 5 through to Year 8. Additional teachers were appointed and two new demountables were installed at the Martin Street site to accommodate extra classes. Administration and cleaning staff were employed as these jobs had up until then been completed by volunteers.

Negotiations with the Shire of Murray commenced to purchase a permanent site in Kirchhofer St at the old stables adjacent to the Moama Recreation Reserve.

An architect was appointed to produce a Master Plan for the site and buildings for Stage 1 and 2 of our development. A huge effort by the entire School community; families, board members and staff; saw real physical progress made with the clearing of the new site on 鈥渢he hill鈥. A local builder was appointed and a race against time began to have facilities ready for occupation by January 2007. This also included the relocation of our 3 demountable buildings.

In 2007 we had a student population of over 170 and enrolments in excess of 230 for 2008. Grounds development was very gradual with initial garden plantings and paths created by many willing volunteers.

Student numbers continued to grow each year as did the need for more classrooms and specialist facilities to cater for the extra numbers and expanding curriculum offerings. Fortunately throughout this period the School was supported by Federal Grant funding for most building projects. In 2010, with total enrolment numbers at 610, the School celebrated the first group of Year 12 students to complete their HSC.

2011 was another exciting year with the opening of our Junior School (K-4) which has since expanded to 2 classes per year level with total student number now exceeding 680.

During this period, the school鈥檚 second Principal Mr Guy Evans was appointed in 2014 after nine years of leadership by our Foundation Principal Mr Andrew Pullar. In 2017 Teresa Deshon commenced as the first female Principal of 澳门彩天天开奖结果记录 and at the start of 2018, Carmel Spry was appointed as Principal. Carmel served in the role for almost five years, and as of January 2023, Mr Scott Downward commenced his tenure as Principal.